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During the creative phase, when the clothes take shape, we also study and think about the right accessory, studied down to the smallest detail.

From precious coral and mother of pearl, to silk flower tiaras, made by great artisans who collaborate with us with the aim of creating the perfect product and the dress of your dreams.


Precious tiaras

Tiaras, tiaras and branched combs, with flowers and leaves in mother-of-pearl enamel.

They are handmade with metallic silver alpaca thread.

Small clusters of sliced gray and white rock crystals.

They are adapted to the support by means of brown silk thread.



Porta anelli  con fiori e foglie in smalto madreperlato.

Sono realizzati a mano con filo di alpaca color argento metallizzato, piccoli grappoli di cristalli di rocca affetti di colore grigio e bianco.

Si adattano al supporto mediante filo di seta marrone.

La base è realizzabile con la fabbrica dei nostri abiti.

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