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An Ethereal Wedding in a Medieval Italian Convent

Nestled within an enchanting forest of Italy’s Lombardy’s region, lies the distinguished Convento dell’Annunciata. An esteemed testament to history, this medieval convent stands as a poignant embodiment of rituals and sanctity. Based between London and Milan, wedding designer and planner, Danila Stella, seamlessly styled a wedding where the treasures of nature took center stage in a tapestry of timeless opulence. Rooted in the essence of minimal luxury, materials that often slip into obscurity, discarded as inconsequential, were reborn. Branches cast aside and remnants of marble were resurrected with purpose. Fabrics enveloped the reception space, cocooning it in an embrace, while a reverie of cone-shaped candles and amaranth cascades, delicately draped surfaces and objects in an exquisite display. Capturing the wedding in a medieval Italian convent was Paola Colleoni.

“A medieval convent in the midst of an enchanted forest where one can breathe peace and history – it feels as if time and emotions have come to a standstill.”

“Everything was a delicate balance between strength and softness, between permanence and ethereality. Flowers, almost at the twilight of their bloom, made way for sprouts, while eggs were a symbol of rebirth.”

“It’s a decisive halt to consumerism. We have returned to the origins, to stone, dried flowers and artificial fruits that were once centerpiece decorations in people’s homes. “

Photography / Paola Colleoni Styling / Danila Stella Events Location / Convento dell’Annunciata Lighting / Croval Service Flowers / Fluida Design Table / Table Set Rentals Tablecloth / Tessuti Raponi Stationery / Wedding Mark Candles / Ester & Erik Catering / DaPetti Fashion / Le Baobab, Giulia Solli Makeup / Serena Sampietro Hair / Wild Flowers Dublin Groom’s Attire / Sanvenero Jewelry / Maison Sebben, Yuriko & Agnese Trezzi Eyewear / Punto Ottico & Jacques Durand

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